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Necessary Endings 12-30-12 Pastor Mark DuPre

Necessary Endings 12-30-12 Pastor Mark DuPre     

To everything there is a season. That means that some things must come to an end. For many of us, that's hard to face and even harder to deal with in the right way. Find out God's perspectives on necessary endings, and learn what you can do to truly let things go and move on in God.

Necessary Endings

Ecc. 3:1-6

Things end. They're supposed to. There are seasons to everything—in nature and in the Scriptures.

Days, months, years—all ordered by God to begin and end.

The Israelites leaving Egypt—no turning back. The glorious Old Testament rituals and sacrifices all came to and end. Jesus came, but not to live forever. First He had to die.

Questions for us:

Have certain memberships or activities come to their necessary end? Are certain relationships sick and not getting well?Is there a family relationship or old friendship that needs to end? R U part of a group that isn't bearing any good fruit anymore?Is there a dream that you just need to let go of now? Is there a relationship that needs to continue but needs to have negative patterns end?

Let go of the past! Don't despise the present or romanticize the past.

Grace is only available to us in the present, even if it was there in the past.

God likes to cut things off occasionally. It's called pruning.

John 15: 2 and 16     God would rather prune than see things go through a slow death.

God has something awaiting us all the time.

Maybe there is new wine awaiting you and you are still lugging around an old wineskin.

Matthew 9:16-17

Are you overcommitted? We need to speak the word "no" in love sometimes.

Why do we resist God's necessary endings?

Comfortable with the old ways, even if they are painfulAfraid of not knowing for sure if things need to end or simply be adjustedBeing afraid of loss or sadnessHate confrontationYou equate every ending with failureFear hurting someoneYou have had painful endings in the past, and you think that the one you're possibly looking at will be the same

FEAR: God has not given us a spirit of fear. So if there's fear, it's from the enemy. And God wants to remove it.

Lack of faith: Know that God is faithful! We can't make everything right on our own. But we can completely release things to God, trusting that He does work everything together for good.

Do you need to know why something happened? Is that keeping you stuck?

That's a circular dead end. The answer to your question may be on the other side of your decision to let it end. Besides, Deut. 29:29.

Are you grieving over something? Allow the grieving process to play itself out, and then finally end.

Are you nursing an offense? Leave it behind. Forgive once and for all.

Take the challenge of bringing healthy closure to something that needs to have an ending.


Phil. 3:12-14

What does my loving, faithful Father want to end in 2013?

Relationships and activities, attitudes or habits—what needs to end?

Ask God what needs to end IN a relationship that is supposed to continue.

God thinks in terms of endings as well as beginnings. Let's start moving in faith.

God's with us all the way, and He is taking us to a good end.


"That in all things, Christ might have the pre-eminence" Col. 1:18