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Sermon Series: At the Movies: The Avengers 04-14-2013 Pastor Mark DuPre

Sermon Series: At the Movies: The Avengers 04-14-2013 Pastor Mark DuPre

The great success of The Avengers tells us that its messages resonate with a lot of people. That's because their gifts, callings, challenges, interpersonal problems and victories are so similar to ours. We're all gifted, and we're called to use our gifts together for God's glory.

 The Avengers

The times for the movie clips used in the sermon are listed below. Cue up your DVD to see them along with reading these notes!

Second in our series, At the Movies.

Third highest-grossing film—there's a reason. It touched a chord, reflected several eternal truths. Heroes and the villain are:

Captain AmericaIronManThor The Hulk Hawkeye Black Widow Loki, the bad guy  

Most of them are going about their own business when Loki attacks the earth.

We have many "super power" ourselves. I Cor. 12:4-6 

20:00 – 20:35    We may be flawed, but we are what God has chosen to use....

Remember Rom. 11:29

Did you ever wish you could be gifted in a different way? If the purpose of the gift is service, does it really matter what gift we have?

I Cor. 12:14-26

What we see as personality differences—or even difficulties—may well be differences in gifts.

 "Let there be no dissension within the body."

What's the most common and effective strategy against a group of people? Divide and conquer!

46:20 – 50:26 What strife and division looks like!

Can you hear the cry of God at the last statement: "Are we done here?"

Here's what God says:    Eph. 4:3    

What often happens when we start to work together? Not always pretty at the start.

108:48-109:48—giving a rebuke that sank in later. Remember Prov. 27:17.

But then there's an emergency, and differences disappear! 115:42 – 116:20

Remember 1 Cor. 12:26-27

128:46 – 129:05

We're in this family, this community, this war, this ministry, TOGETHER. And when we lose someone, we all feel it.

Here's what the vision of The Avengers was supposed to be:

130:06 – 130:36 "to fight the battles that we never could."

What's God's vision for us? Eph. 4: 15-16

Our enemy is scared to death of this, and his actions are to prevent this from happening. 135:56 – 136:28

Here's how the Avengers finally handled things:  150:25-150:48 Many arrive and begin to work together.

Unity at last! Not all the same, but all using their gifts and talents, and WORKING TOGETHER!   152:06 – 152:16

Then comes the battle. Everyone's doing his or her part, and they respect each other's abilities. IronMan, Mr. Self-Centered himself, seems to have heard Captain America, and makes the sacrifice.

2:05:00 – 2:08:17

2:09:01 – 209:20—What victory looks like! Trouncing the enemy!

How do I know what my gift is, or how should I be using it?

Scriptures don't spend as much time talking about identifying your gifts as they do talking about loving, serving, and building one another up. If you do that, you'll discover your gifts.


I Peter 4:10  


"That in all things, Christ might have the pre-eminence" Col. 1:18